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Ditch The Diets: Your Pathway To Food Freedom Program

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Ditch The Diets and create Your Pathway to Food Freedom? 

A self-paced online course designed to guide you to achieve food freedom so you can experience

joy and success with your relationship with food!

What people are saying about the course

“I cannot thank you enough for the gift you have given me . . . the pathway to freedom. Freedom for what didn’t fit and allowing what does. It will be on ongoing journey; however, the awareness will always be there, and I now have the tools to work through anything that comes my way. That gift is priceless! ”

“My power of choice has risen exponentially in many areas. My first thought this morning was that I had the power of choice and to choose wisely, to think about what I'm choosing. Food doesn't need to fill me and bury stuff. I choose my actions, words, emotion and saying 'no thank you'. Amy, you have helped me communicate my thoughts through your course and there is so much more! Love you and what you are doing in the worldπŸ’œ”

Now is your time

This is for you if:

❀ You're ready to uncover what's been holding you back from having the body you've always wanted!

❀ You're tired of trying every fad diet only to go back to your old ways and gaining it all back...and more! 

❀ Your health is at risk with the current habits and lifestyle you are living and are ready for a change!

❀ Your negative self-talk and lack of self-control win over your willpower every time and sabotage your efforts!

❀ And most importantly, you've decided and declared that you are worth taking this step that your future self will thank you for!

What you will

Find Inside


The Energy of Guilt & Shame

The first Module is all about The Energy of Guilt and Shame! How do these emotions show up in your life and impact your current relationship with food? You will learn how to uncover your triggers and what to do instead of using food in a way that leads to guilt and shame!


‘Things I Know to be True’ including what to eat, how to eat and who you’re being when you eat!

In this module, I dive deep into the things I have learned and know to be true for ME as it relates to what to eat, how to eat and who I'm being when I eat. 


All About Sabotage!

In this module, I cover all things sabotage! Both self-sabotage and assisted-sabotage. It's time to clear on how to navigate beyond the sabotage to cultivate the results you desire most!


Dining Out/Social Events/ Family Gatherings & Booze!

In this module, we discuss some logistics of what to do when you encounter each of these events to set yourself up for the most empowering experience!


The Importance of Forgiveness & Self-Love

In this module, I discuss the importance of forgiveness, both of yourself and others, as well as the power of true self-love.


Creating YOUR Pathway to Food Freedom

In this final module, we discuss creating your unique path to food freedom, as well as the power of self-commitment.

Hi, I'm Amy

I'm so glad you're here

My journey into coaching began with my own healing journey.

You see, I once had a life that others described as perfect: a great marriage, amazing kids, a beautiful home and a great career. And then it changed.

I found myself a divorced, single mother of two with overwhelming responsibilities and an image to uphold. I still thought I had to be perfect at all times, and with everyone else in my life struggling, there was no room for me to have faults or weaknesses.

But faking this perception of perfection was too exhausting and took a toll on my health. I just couldn’t do it anymore.

I felt stuck. Sound familiar?

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  • 6 Self-Paced Video Modules
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  • BONUS MODULE: The Art and Power of Journaling
  • BONUS MODULE: The Power of a Vision Board
  • BONUS MODULE: The Power of Affirmations

❀This is a self-paced course designed to be done as it best serves you. I invite you to re-visit the modules periodically not only to see how far you've progressed, but often you will uncover new opportunities for your personal growth and development each time.❀

Do something today that your future self will thank you for!