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Human Design Reading (Live & recorded over Zoom)

Revealing your unique Human Design is like receiving an owner's manual on how to live a fulfilled and purposeful life!

What you'll get Revealed in your private session:

  • Energy Type: Determines the best way for you to navigate your life and highlights the unique strengths you have. 
  • Strategy: This is how you are designed to move through the world and how to use your energy.
  • Authority: This is how you make decisions for yourself using your body intelligence.
  • Not-Self Theme: Your body’s way of telling you that something is out of alignment and requires your attention. Your red flag.
  • Signature: Your body’s way of telling you that you’re living in alignment with your design.
  • Profile: Your costume for how you show up and interact with the world.
  • Deconditioning: The process of being less of “what other people want you to be” and living more within your Human Design.
  • Defined center: Your consistent and reliable strengths.
  • Undefined center: Your greatest teachers and your deepest source of wisdom.
  • And so much more!

Each session is 60 minutes in length and held over Zoom. You will receive a recording of the session, a 15-20 page guidebook created specifically for you based on your unique design, a copy of your Human Design Bodygraph, your natal birth chart, additional resources (including podcast episodes specific to your design) to further support the information you learn, as well as journal prompts to work through any deconditioning that may be required after learning your design. That's A LOT of support!

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What People Are Saying About their Human Design Reveal:

"I'm completely blown away! I feel such an overwhelming sense of relief and like I just received a permission slip to show up in life in full alignment with this amazing information. I had no idea how much I would relate to all the content I just received! I can't wait to learn more!"